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Life is a journey and sometimes that journey feels pretty difficult. 

Mabus Counseling is passionate about your search for peace, one session at a time. 

We support your journey with personalized focus with 

Encouragement and A Plan




When was the last time you experienced compliment?

When was the last time you were emotionally rewarded?


Encouragement is powerful. When we feel encouraged, we can accomplish. When we feel discouraged, things seem difficult. We believe truthful encouragement is vital in the counseling setting. You are available asset to the world and we want to help you realize this.

What was the last goal you set and accomplished?


How do you feel when difficult tasks are amply prepared for?


When we have a plan, we feel confident. When we are unprepared, things seem difficult. We believe you will benefit by learning new ways to navigate your journey.  Whether you wrestle with anxiety, grief,anger,or fear; we believe there is a plan for you to live in more peace.


A Plan ​​

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